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Meet Laura from Costa Rica!

To revitalize a Colombian rural area once decimated by armed conflict and violence from 1998-2005, Laura Patiño Mejía established Picados San Juan to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for displaced communities. Recognizing that after many years of armed conflict the population needed a stable source of income to give them hope, Laura focused on agriculture and created a business that provides natural, fresh produce to buyers. Today, Picados proudly employs 53 people including 40 people who were previously displaced and 25 single moms.

We provide women business owners like Laura with the skills, training and networks they need to succeed in global markets – preparing them to compete for opportunities and to help their local economies thrive. Your donation of:

  • $15 covers the cost for one business owner to attend a business training webinar.
  • $50 pays for a one-on-one business consultation between a woman entrepreneur and one of our market experts.
  • $200 turns a one-on-one business consultation into a full mentorship between a woman business owner and one of our market experts.
  • $500 enables our market leads to travel beyond metropolitan areas to ensure women business owners in rural communities have access to global opportunities.
  • $1500 covers the average travel costs and fees for a woman business owner to attend an international trade show and start making business connections.

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